How to Pick a Winning Team in Dream11 Fantasy Football

Author: Samrat
17 Sep 2021 02:35:01


  • Any Fantasy Player needs to know how to read and apply the understanding of the sport
  • It is very important to ab able to predict the outcome of the game and make the team accordingly
  • In this article, we will take you through the steps of the decision-making process and building a winning team. 



  •  Data
    • To be able to build a winning team, we need to have a good knowledge of Football 
    • It is very important to keep an eye on the Team's recent performance 
    • Some apps like Sofascore, Fotmob, are very helpful in this venture
  • History Analysis
  • ‚ÄčIn this section, a Fantasy Player needs to get a brief idea about the history of both the teams
  • Knowledge of the H2H matches in the past
  • Knowledge of the Home side and checking patterns in the play
  • A detailed History analysis will be done by FantasyArena before every Fantasy Football Match. Stay Tuned


  •  Hotspot Analysis                
  • A Hotspot is a visual representation of the average movements and areas of influence of a player
  • This helps us understand the attacking threat that any player possess 
  • Hotspot analysis also opens us up to finding Differential Players who are finding good positions in Attack
  • This also helps us compare the overall movement of the team in specific formations
  • A detailed presentation of Hotspot data is available on the Sofascore app. 
  • A detailed Hotspot analysis will be done by FantasyArena before every Fantasy Football Match. Stay Tuned


  • Individual Statistics    
  •  A Smart Fantasy Football Player of Dream11 makes sure to check individual stats and select team
  • This is a necessary step to ensure that our teams are not without key individual Players. 
  • A keen and observing eye can get huge benefits from the Individual Statistics section.        
  • Segregation and ranking are done based on Shots/Game; SOT/Game; Key Pass/Game; Tackles/ Game; 
  • A detailed analysis of Individual stats will be done by FantasyArena before every Fantasy Football Match. Stay Tuned            \   


Types of Scenarios    

  •  In some cases, after step 1, we would have an idea of which way the match is going to go 
  • At the same time, there are a few cases where the result of the match is harder to predict
  • To solve this problem, the best way is to understand the Types of Scenarios that are possible in a football match
  • This helps any fantasy football player to visualize a scenario and build a team accordingly covering all bases
  • Refer to the figure below for a clear understanding
  • Detailed Scenario analysis will be done by FantasyArena before every Fantasy Football Match. Stay Tuned   

Scenario 1: Goal Less Draw (0-0)

  • This is a high probability scenario when both the teams are of the same caliber and/or the teams have a better defense than the attack
  • In this case, the Defenders and Goalkeepers from both the teams get points for Clean-Sheet
  • 5-4-1 formation to be followed. 5 Defenders; 4 Midfielders; 1 Striker
  • For Captain/Vice-Captain choose Defenders who have higher Passes/Game rate; higher probability of Key Passes; tackles
  • For a Goal Keeper to be the Captain/ Vice-Captain, make sure that the opponent team's Shot On Target / Game is > 6
  • For choosing the 4 Midfielders, pick players from Centre Midfield who have a higher Passes; Key Passes & Tackles /Game 
  • For choosing the 1 Striker, pick a player who is more involved in the play with higher Passes; Key Passes / Game

Scenario 2&3: Winning with Clean-Sheet

  • This happens when either of the sides wins without letting the opposition score
  • This is a high probability scenario when one team is significantly better than the other team.
  • The defenders from the winning team get points for a clean sheet and our prediction for the player to score one or more goals for the winning team becomes important.
  • The formation of the Dream11 Fantasy team can be 5-4-1 or 4-5-1 or 4-4-2. This is to ensure our teams get the 4 defenders with bonus points as well as the attackers we think can score or assist
  • Choosing the goalkeeper is a critical task in this situation. If we are predicting the stronger team to win, we can choose the goalkeeper of the weaker team; which would give us a chance to choose an extra player of the stronger team in attack.
  • The selection of the Captain is generally made on the predicted goal scorer who is to get the maximum points.
  • In this scenario, defenders are a proper choice for the Vice-Captain role in our Fantasy Football teams
  • If we predict the weaker team to win, risk can be taken on the Goalkeeper of the weaker team who would generally have to make more saves and hence earn points for saves.
      • Very High-Risk Play- To select a substitute player to come on and score a goal.
      • This is a Highly risky scenario subset of this scenario where we can pick a player not in the starting line-up to come and score in a tight matchup.
      • The selection percentage of such players is below 0.5% and when it works it can win you Grand Leagues

Scenario 2&3: Winning without Clean-Sheet

  • This happens when both the teams are of the same caliber or are at least capable of scoring goals
  • This is also a high probability case when a team’s attack is better than their defense and has an attacking tactic.
  • An attacking-minded team can be spotted when a team sets up with 3 attackers in the line-up and has wide advanced players. Defensive teams tend to have a more compact formation.
  • The formation of the Fantasy Football team should include as many attacking players as possible. 3-4-3 in Striker heavy teams; 3-5-2 in teams with Attacking Midfielders.
  • The choice of Captain and Vice-Captain would be made based on Attacking Statistics. Midfielders with higher attacking stats are the highest priority.
  • The choice of Defenders is to be made based on the matrix of Key Passes, Accurate Passes from the Defence stats table.
  • The Choice of Goalkeeper is to be made keeping in mind the stronger team will take more shots on target in the match, which means, the Goalkeeper of the weaker team will get a chance to earn more points.
      • Very High-Risk Play-
      • To select a substitute player to come and score a goal.
      • The concept is to keep a substitute player from the weaker team who can come in and have an impact off the bench on tired defenses
      • This is a highly risky proposal so caution must be taken accordingly


  • This step is where everything stated above culminates.
  • It is very important to understand and go through Steps 1 and 2 before deciding on a mental picture of the game and making your team.
  • Fantasy Football is a Grand League-oriented sport and there are a lot of chances to win and win big in this sport.
  • Detailed Teams for every scenario will be made and shared with you regularly on FantasyArena. Stay Tuned. Stay Connected


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