Best Telegram Channel for Fantasy Sports Prediction.

Author: Arijit
07 Oct 2021 05:52:52

Fantasy Sports has emerged as one of the hot cakes in today's youth. The growing trend of Fantasy Sports has unleashed a new era of Fantasy Sports channel. Infact, the competition is so intense that today there are around over 100 different Fantasy Sports channels in Youtube.

These fantasy sports channels are slowly building on their subscriber base and are slowly focussing on bringing more and more users under their wings. Telegram has emerged as one of the most suitable social media platform for these Fantasy Sports powerhouses.

Nowadays, most of the fantasy sports channel have a telegram group atleast to engage more with their fanbase. Infact, it is the success of the Telegram group in terms of followers and engagements that showcases the actual prowess of a fantasy sports channel.

If you search through telegram, you will end up reaching to over 75 such Fantasy Sports channels. But I will handpick 1 such Telegram channel that a Fantasy sports player must join.

The name of the Telegram Channel is "Fantasy Arena".

Today, I will give you top 5 reasons of why you should join the Fantasy Arena Telegram Channel.

1) Growing fan base:

Since it's inception, Fantasy Arena has always prioritised the interest of its subscribers more than anything, a rarity among other fantasy sports channel. This single work ethic has resulted in the growth of the number of users of FantasyArena Telegram channel to over 45000 till date.

2) Early access to Giveaways:

Fantasy Arena is currently the only Fantasy Sports channel that arranges giveaways for its dedicated followers, also known as the Gltfamily in Telegram. Loyalty is a term that goes hand in hand with Fantasy Arena and as a reward of it, these giveaways are exclusive only to the Gltfamily members.

3) Last minute tips and tricks before every match:

In Fantasy Sports, the art of team building is undoubtedly the most important factor. Fantasy Arena has not only pioneered the process but has also taken a step further by providing last minute tips and tricks along with other important match related facts prior to the start of the match. This form of support and hand-holding is one of the USPs of the Fantasy Arena Telegram channel.

4) Latest updates from the world of Fantasy Cricket and Football:

Fantasy Arena has not only stayed confined to the cricket but has also intercepted the domain of football. Fantasy Arena Telegram Channel is the one shop stop for all the latest news and updates in the world of Fantasy cricket and football. There is no other channel in Telegram that acts as such a treasure trove in the world of Fantasy Sports.

5) Articles related to the World of Cricket:

Fantasy Arena has always believed in building a sporting culture rather than solely providing fantasy teams. The art of empowering people with the cricket based articles is one of the most unique features that keeps Fantasy Arena way ahead of its peers. Infact, no other Telegram channel endorses cricketing articles apart from Fantasy Arena.

And all these perks are available to the all the subscribers for "free".

Doesn't it sound amazing?

Well all you need to do is subscribe to Fantasy Arena Youtube Channel and join the Telegram Channel from the description box below.

The official handles are:

Youtube Channel: @FantasyArena.
Telegram - Search FantasyArena
Twitter - @mayankglt
Instagram - @mayankglt
Facebook -

If you are new to the world of fantasy and wondering which app would be ideal for you to start your Fantasy career.